Is This Journalism? Philosophy? A Soy Bomb? Who the Hell Knows?

According to this article on Northern Voices Online (NVO), a star bright enough to be seen with low-power binoculars “is a, oing to be rather very exciting.” Could just be a typo. I’ll let this one slide.

The following question must be philosophical in nature: “Has Sun got any sibling in the solar system?” Hmm. Okay, but from where does this question derive? “For long this questions had been at the minds of innumerable astronomers.” Me like sun. Sibling good too.

Apparently this story is quite heavy and is rapidly getting heavier: “The separation story dates back to history and now is measured at 15 per cent greater mass.” It dates back to history! That far?

But what about aliens, you ask? Well, information gathered from examining this star will help scientists “in their hunt to locate alien beings somewhere.” Somewhere? Where exactly in the universe did these scientists say they were looking for aliens? Was the author too lazy to search Google for a little detail? Maybe aliens on sun.


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