Striking Out

Two more faux pas from Northern Voices Online (NVO), a website that promises to “serve the mankind selflessly and in a better way.”

The first is from a follow-up piece on the Malaysian Airlines missing plane, which the author spuriously reports “melted in the sky.”

The second is from an article on the destruction of ice sheets in the Antarctic. Here the author in a major anti-biocentric insight attributes lethargy to global warming, which he or she assures us “is behind the malaise affecting the world today.”

In the middle of a nonsense paragraph the author then maroons this arbitrary cluster of words: “As technology advance scientists started mapping out the universe.” To try to make sense of it, I translated the sentence into Swahili, then translated the Swahili back into English. Google Translate interpreted the finished sentence thusly: As technologies advance scientists begin to map out the world.”

I guess they’re pretty fluent in Southeast Africa.


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