It’s Grim up North

Today I will forgo my plans for an article about third-wave feminists (or fourth-wave, whatever) to relay my discovery of what may be the very worst example of journalism ever to proliferate in aggregation. What is this amateur shit, and why has it been given a platform from which to preach its ugly message? Isn’t Google supposed to prevent journalism of this ilk from penetrating its news feed?

Some answers are in order. Northern Voices Online (NVO) is located in Northern India, meaning there’s a real possibility that its writers may not speak English as a first language. To avoid appearing like a grammar Nazi, or for that matter a racist bully, let me then qualify my outrage. Typos I can live with (NVO is riddled with them). It’s the laziness of the reporting–the failure to cover the basic facts of the story, to fact check whichever facts are included, to cite sources; it’s the endless contradictions, the aimless digressions, the wonky tone and schizophrenic voice–that get my goat. I mean, why hypothesize about capturing and indeed smelling extraterrestrial beings within the context of a news story about the chemistry of smell?

But it would be wasteful (I must preserve my delicate intellect for some serious ghosting*) to attempt to parse meaning or context from writing this artless, so I will resist. Anyway, the first few paragraphs speak for themselves, and should be read without interference. After which the author makes a botched attempt at an explanation of the technology used to detect and identify odor, splicing jargon overheard at NASA with his or her own mumbo-jumbo.

Read the article here.

*Strategies for avoiding and chasing ghosts on Pac-Man.


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