Tolerating the Intolerant

What started as an anti-gay sermon ended as a musical love-in.

From a step ladder in Sydney city center, a Christian preacher said “some very demeaning things” about homosexuals and homosexuality. There was much hurt and offence at his intolerant, unregulated speech. Something had to be done.

Enter our hero, a young busker named Axel Winter, breaking licensing laws–at great risk to himself–in order to show that intolerance will not be tolerated. It was Mardi Gras. Cyndi Lauper’s pop classic “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” filled the air. The crowd, which had grown antagonistic toward the preacher, thankfully could no longer hear what he was saying. Axel had saved the day.

The story quickly made its way around the globe. Journalists wrote about it. Thousands of people watched the video online. Oh how we rejoiced! We applauded our young hero, and our own readiness for tolerance, for not letting the mean, bigoted Christian say anything we might disagree with.

How far we’ve come.


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