A Royal Denazification

Historical footage appearing to show the Queen gesturing a Nazi salute has been leaked to The Sun. Thankfully, those suddenly gripped by Royal anxiety can once again feel at ease with their patriotism. Today’s Sunday Express reveals the incontrovertible truth.

An expert lip reader has examined the footage and has been able to recount the exact words used, which completely vindicate the Royals.

This film is definitely not about Nazi salutes,” said Jessica Rees.

The Queen Mother and Prince Edward are encouraging the children to wave – the Queen then encourages her sister, Margaret, to wave.”

On the film Princess Margaret says, “Oh la la la la la la,” as she sings and dances around.

Her mother says: “Oh look darlings, there she is!” referring to someone out of shot.

Prince Edward says: “Yes, yes, come on, come on, give her a wave.”

Princess Elizabeth shouts to Princess Margaret: “Wave! Wave! Hellooooo.”

She then says to her sister: “Now dance, dance, dance.”

Their mother adds: “Yes hello, hello.”

Prince Edward then shouts: “Heelllloooo!”

After close inspection of the footage amounting a grand total of 23 viewings, the Queen was found to have merely waved innocently. Further expert analysis, courtesy of the Sunday Express:

The film begins by showing young Princess Elizabeth, aged only six, chasing after a dog. At one point she points in the air.

She is then followed by her mother, and even young Margaret joins in, before her uncle, Edward, then Prince of Wales, stretches his right arm into the air in what has been interpreted as a high Nazi salute.

Due to the innocent, wholesome nature of the footage, the Royal Household has launched an investigation to ascertain how it might have been obtained by a filthy rag like The Sun.

So utterly unscathed is the Royal Household that palace officials are understood to be considering taking legal action following the investigation, which will focus on issues of copyright and possible criminality.


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