News Media’s Unprincipled Stand

Not one to fuel the perpetual outrage machine, let me preface the following with an acknowledgement that yes, it is somewhat hypocritical to criticise someone for having the temerity to criticise someone else. I’ll add that there’s a world of difference between criticism made from a position of assured safety and criticism made under the threat of violence.

The former is the kind practiced by the Express when it encourages outrage towards a tasteless-to-be-sure-but-then-satire-is-satire-who-the-fuck-are-you-to-complain-anyway Charlie Hebdo cover depicting two severed arms clutching a pair of breasts* (the caption reads: “We’ve found a bit of the pilot and the air hostess”). The latter is the kind routinely practiced by Charlie Hebdo itself, whose entire editorial staff you might remember was brutally murdered by Islamic terrorists after publishing mocking cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Tell me again, Selina Sykes of the Express, about the last time you put your neck on the line for something your newspaper published. Remind me, Jon Dean of the Mirror, of your upstanding career in gutter journalism. And be sure to let me know, Michael Kaplan of the International Business Times, where you got the nerve to open your article with this bullshit double entendre: “French magazine Charlie Hebdo has again come under fire.”

Have some integrity. Get your priorities straight. And quit slinging mud from the safety of your keyboards…jerks.

*A reference to the discovery of wreckage believed to belong to Malaysia Airlines plane MH370.


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