Down the Counter-Terrorism Rabbit Hole

Writing in yesterday’s Australian, Rita Panahi follows David Cameron down the counter-terrorism rabbit hole:

Anti-radicalisation must start at home. We need co-operation, from not just Muslim community leaders but also mums and dads, in fighting the extremist scourge.

Australian politicians would do well to follow David Cameron’s lead in unequivocally condemning Islamic fanaticism.

The legal system is not the proper vehicle to effect social change. Targeting British or Australian citizens on the basis of their religion is unlikely to engender cohesion between communities as envisioned. It might even drive the roots of extremism deeper underground

The British PM’s July speech on radicalisation in Muslim communities was short on political correctness and detailed precisely why extremist ideology, even in non-violent forms, has no place in Western democracies.

To get to the root cause of any social problem requires vast upheaval for which there is no quick fix. Without a nuanced understanding of modern Islam, specifically why some young Muslims feel disconnected from the rest of the UK, extremism will continue to flourish.

The focus should be on thwarting real Islamic extremists, not imagined Islamophobia.

If you’re willing to sacrifice individual liberty for the sake of a few criminals, let the price be on your head. Just don’t expect anyone to cough up when the time comes to pay the bill.


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