Educating Against Extremism

Anyone concerned that recent measures to eradicate Islamic extremism from schools constitute an attack on religious freedoms can safely put their concerns to bed.

Demonstrating that when it comes to the evils of extremism, no law is too broad, no wording too vague as to sweep up innocent lives in the hysteria, teachers from Parkfield Community School in Saltley reported a ten-year-old Muslim schoolboy to police on suspicion of terrorist tendencies after he demanded the provision of a prayer room.

Via the Birmingham Mail:

Teachers at Parkfield Community School in Saltley referred the Muslim pupil under the Home Office’s Prevent scheme, which was set up to tackle radicalisation.

Headteacher Hazel Pulley said: “The pupil was referred for a number of incidents which, put together, formed concerning behaviour.”

She added: “As well as demanding a prayer room and his comments about scarves he also expressed a view to a teacher about the Charlie Hebdo attack.”

After speaking with the parents, who failed to see the problem with asserting the right to practice one’s religion, teachers were successful in forcing the boy to conform to British values:

“We undertook a round-table discussion with the pupil’s parents. 

“Initially they did not think it was that important but they were very supportive and understood our concerns.

“Once we’ve heard it and seen it [extremist behaviour] we will then work with the child and the family and move forward with it.”

Another victory for Britain. Plaudits for the patriotic Ms. Pulley, who managed to report no less than three non-conforming children to counter-terrorism police within the last 12 months. Bravo!


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