The David Katz Show

The David Katz Show reached its finale today. Tying up loose ends in a pretty little bow, the Huffington Post took down two articles by Katz, both of which described in glowing terms a book he had written under a pseudonym.

Peter Heimlich has the scoop. Via his blog, The Sidebar

In response to my inquiry [regarding Katz’s failure to disclose a conflict of interest], this morning Huffington Post Standards Editor Victor Brand informed me both columns have been withdrawn from publication.

Now if you click the original link to Dr. Katz’s first column [link removed] you’ll see this:

first column link

Click the original link to his second column [link removed] and you’ll see this:

second column link

Last Saturday, prompted by a query by Heimlich, Amazon took down a similarly worded product review by Katz in which he gave his book five money-making stars.

The curtains may have closed on The David Katz Show…but will there be a spin-off?


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