Re-Mystifying Code

Students across the UK this week participated in Downing Street’s Hour of Code campaign

Launched in 2013 by non-profit computer science website, the UK Hour of Code, quote, “aims to help demystify that coding is difficult and enable parents, teachers and students across the nation [to] get a fun introduction to coding.” 

With Downing Street doing all it can to promote the cause of coding amongst young students, what better time for the National Crime Agency (NCA) to issue this rather ominous warning to parents on the various evils of cybercrime, which treats ordinary teenage behaviour as an indicator of criminal conduct?

To the chagrin of women who have worked hard to distinguish themselves in the field of computer science, the campaign focuses solely on boys aged 12-15. Teenage girls obviously don’t have the wherewithal to code at a criminal level.

Gems from the official NCA list of “things to look out for” (some of which have apparently since been deleted):

• Is your child spending all of their time online?
• Are they interested in coding?
• Do they have independent learning material on their computer?
• Do they have irregular sleeping patterns?
• Are they resistant when asked what they do online? 
• Do they use the full data allowance on the home broadband?
• Have they become more socially isolated?

Next up: the NCA parent’s guide to whether your teenage girl’s obsession with her mobile phone points to involvement in the drug trade.


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