The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Cloning Programme

While I was researching an upcoming blog post on alternative medicine, I noticed a strange phenomenon among graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where Samhu Iyyam aka Dr. David Katz serves on the advisory board. It appears the institute has a secret cloning programme, whose sole purpose is to spread the word about integrative nutrition.

Exhibit A: this well-turned, if not slightly mechanical excerpt, which appears to have been inserted into the bios of every graduate of the institute’s “Health Coach Training Program.”

Institute of Integrative Nutrition Debra Klein

The words of health coach Debra Klein, or an evil clone? Here are the same few lines, taken from the website of so-called integrative health coach, Tara the Health Nut.

Institute of Integrative Nutrition Tara the Health Nut

In the words of Burt Bacharach, who are these people?

Big thanks to Peter M. Heimlich for his highly-recommended Lazy Man’s Guide to Blogging, which inspired this post.


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