It’s Only Natural

In which a naturopath’s brain falls out…

A naturopathic medicine spam website has linked to my latest post about the International Meta-Medicine Association (IMMA), an LA-based integrative medicine organisation that teaches practitioners the knowledge to self-heal clients of disease via talking therapy.

Click here to visit the website at your own peril. Alternatively, here’s a screenshot:

Ayurveda The Art of Self Healing

Second image down: My August 12, 2016 blog post titled “The Art and Weird Science of Self-Healing”

Naturopaths often speak of the virtues of keeping an open mind (even at the risk of your brain falling out), so it’s gratifying that this standard should extend to criticism of natural medicine itself.

Alas, I can’t rule out confirmation bias. It’s possible the website owner, having read my post (or at least the title), thought breathing into your organ tissue sounded like a good idea. One thing’s for certain, this wouldn’t have happened had I written critically of Scientology.

Take it away, Mr. Robert Crumb


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