WikiLeaks Threatens Writer

WikiLeaks Task Force demands Jezebel writer delete “rapist shitbag” Assange tweet or “face the consequences”

The WikiLeaks Task Force, set up to “correct misinformation” about anti-secrecy media organisation WikiLeaks, claimed Jezebel writer C.A. Pinkham was “committing libel with actual malice” after he tweeted a critical response to the task force’s own tweet criticising US President Barack Obama.

Pinkham’s January 6, 2017 tweet with reply:


WikiLeaks founder, Australian journalist Julian Assange, was granted political asylum by Ecuador’s London embassy in mid-2012 after facing sexual assault allegations in Sweden. He says the sex was consensual and believes if he leaves the embassy he risks being extradited to the US to face prosecution for WikiLeaks’ 2010 release of classified government documents.


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